Wednesday, July 22, 2015


If  you don read any of my write-ups or follow me fo social media (@abokination), you go know sey ah be Buea Pickin…. Well… actually ah be “cam no go”, ehen Etp8koi. Point is I was born and grew up in that town, reason why I tend to talk about artist and ideas from there a little more. It’s no news that we are known for our talent and the inability to eat from that talent (no shade) #FactsOnly. There is however a lot of little things going on apart from very beautiful girls, one of which is the artist come together dubbed as “Industry Nite”.

I have had the opportunity to attend two of such nights and even though I initially intended to write a review of the idea/platform, I decided otherwise, reason being it would be wrong to assess its potential at such a fragile stage of its growth. When Didi Blaise (Manager of Best Music Inc.) asked me what I thought of the idea, the only words I could utter were “I can see the love”. Love which happens to be something that is very scarce in our growing ecosystem, is a very crucial ingredient that could enable the initiative to grow. Quite honestly, we have seen things like the STM Hangouts and a couple of others come and fade as quickly as they surfaced.

The show is always hosted by the Best Music’s Nami Nami Cyrus who happens to be a very
energetic and hysterical MC. I witnessed performances from Young Time, Luna, Benzil, Snazzy, Rude Bwai, Drae Boi, Daddy Black, Askia, Ewube, Crispy and a host of others.
The networking angle is very important aspect; I met a couple of people who I only knew via twitter handles. It was a collage of bloggers, artists, label heads and music enthusiasts. So it’s really back to the love because if artist can come together and do something for themselves and realize the objectives, it becomes beautiful. I would imagine the main objective of such a program would be to build a core following that can grow as the initiative expands because we all know “one good fan is worth a thousand ghost followers”.

The initiative has witnessed a lot of hitches but again show me any iota of success that came through without struggles. I however would appeal to the organizer(s) to strategize, plan and brand the show a little more. After the next show I intend to write a full review/analyses of it.

Salam Ma lekum! 

Pictures courtesy of and LekokoBar